ResultsPlus FAQ

Got a question?

The answers to those frequently asked questions.

Q. What are the hardware requirements needed to install ResultsPlus?

A. You can view a complete list of requirements by viewing our data sheet (pdf).

Q. Can users access ResultsPlus over the Internet?

A. Yes. ResultsPlus Online is ideal for organizations that prefer to have ResultsPlus manage their database and related IT responsibilities.

Standard, non-hosted, remote access options include:

  • Citrix® Metaframe
  • Microsoft Terminal Services
  • Virtual Private Network

Q. Does ResultsPlus work with word processors?

A. ResultsPlus works seamlessly with Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect®. The ResultsPlus Mail Merge Wizard walks you through every step of the mail merge process, from beginning to end, helping you easily personalize letters, emails, and faxes to one or more constituents.

Word processing platforms:

  • Corel WordPerfect 2002 (10) or newer
  • Microsoft Office XP (2002) or newer including Word

Q. What are the ResultsPlus reporting capabilities?

A. ResultsPlus includes a wide variety of reporting capabilities:

Standard Reports
Over 200 standard reports are provided, with report options that put you in the driver’s seat to choose what you want to see in each report. You can preview any report, then print it and/or export it to a variety of file types, including Word, Excel, PDF, etc.

You can query almost any field in the database and print the results. Our Quick Report Wizard allows you to create your own report from any query with sums, averages, counts, etc., formatted the way you want it. You can save that quick report formatting so it's available every time you run that query.

Crystal Reports®
Crystal Reports enables you to modify any standard report or create your own custom reports.

Q. Does ResultsPlus offer import and export functions?

A. Absolutely. ResultsPlus includes powerful built-in import and export utilities.

You can set up import templates for importing third-party data into ResultsPlus, one time or as often as needed. Complete documentation is provided to help you import your ASCII or CSV files into your database.

ResultsPlus has powerful exporting capabilities in both queries and reports. All standard and custom reports can be saved in a variety of formats for sharing with others. All query results can be exported to an ASCII or Excel file.

Q. Can I import Online Donations?

A. Yes. Donations processed through your favorite payment processing vendor can be received automatically as a batch file. You can quickly set up an Online Gift template to match your vendor’s file format, or use our import utility to import the gift data as a batch file.  Read more about Online Giving.

Q. How would I convert my existing data?

A. ResultsPlus offers customized Data Services based on your specific needs.

Q. Does ResultsPlus have an accounting module?

A. ResultsPlus does not offer an accounting module. We do, however, provide several methods for sharing your donor data with your accounting system:

  • Purchase the optional QuickBooks® Pro Integration utility.
  • Use the Export Utility for exporting any data from ResultsPlus to an ASCII file for easy import into other software packages, including accounting packages.
  • Create your own template for export to your General Ledger as a standard step in gift processing.

Q. Can ResultsPlus help me manage my special events?

A. Yes. The Projects area of ResultsPlus helps you manage all aspects of your fundraising events and projects, all in the same database where your other constituent information is stored.