Data Services

Clean data is effective data.

Why quality data matters.

The effectiveness of your fundraising efforts is directly affected by the quality of your data, which is why we offer you the following data services:

  • address standardization and validation
    Addresses are converted to USPS standard format and analyzed for deliverability.

  •  area code validation
    Area codes are validated against address data. (Includes Address Standardization and Validation.) 

  • custom (SQL) queries
    Custom queries, built to customer specifications, are developed using Structured Query Language (SQL).

  • data conversion services
    Convert your existing database into ResultsPlus, convert an old version of ResultsPlus into the current version of ResultsPlus, or move your database from a Jet platform to an SQL platform. You can also merge two existing ResultsPlus databases.

  • data manipulation
    Services range from cleaning up data to providing custom data handling solutions.

  • data validation services
    Data validation (pdf) includes identifying and correcting invalid constituent data. Your cost for these services is based on the number of records in your database.

  • email validation

    Components of email addresses are analyzed to ensure that they are valid and that they exist. Database files are easily uploaded and downloaded using our secured web site area. Unless stated otherwise, these services are provided on an hourly basis. To arrange for consulting in any of these areas, call now or email us at

  • import templates and custom imports
    This may include mapping out a strategy for importing data, preparing the souce data file, and/or building the import template.  For example, templates can be designed for address updates, importing mailing lists, and so on.

  • National Change of Address (NCOA) update
    Addresses are processed against the NCOA database to identify and apply address changes. (This process may not work against addresses that have not been standardized through Address Validation.)

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