At your service!

Services to help you succeed.

The number one goal at Metafile is to help you succeed.  Our ResultsPlus specialists understand the issues, challenges, and technology that can affect your mission.  We can help tailor your business processes to address your organization's needs and recommend nonprofit best practices to maximize your work efforts.  Metafile has developed services to specifically meet the needs of your nonprofit organization.

  • Consulting Services - ResultsPlus realizes that you may not have the time (or the resources) to take full advantage of this application. This is why ResultsPlus offers the following extended services.
  • Data Services - The effectiveness of your fundraising efforts is directly affected by the quality of your data, which is why we offer valuable, cost effective data services.
  • Training Services - Our skilled teaching and software specialists are trained to help you make optimal use of your software. (And to do things you didn’t know could be done.)
  • Technical Services - Our expert staff is organized to offer a full range of services while providing customers with individual attention. Before, during, and after a purchase, the customer can be assured of receiving the best and most complete services available from knowledgeable product specialists.
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