Gift Management

Manage every detail for every gift.

The answer to the “where are our donations coming from?” question.

When it comes to donations, knowing where your donations come from is as important tomorrow as it is today. You can code and segment your donation and other data to aid you in analyzing your performance so that you can make well-informed, data-driven decisions for how to bring in even more donations in the future.

With ResultsPlus, you can:


  • Segment donations by fund, appeal, campaign, type, tribute, matching parties, and other information
  • Segment constituents by individual, family, corporation, etc., source, profession, preferred method of communication-you name it
  • RFM(A) –Recency, Frequency and Monetary(Amount) giving


  • Use the Performance Overview and drill into additional interactive dashboards
  • Run reports to identify trends, compare segments and timeframes, etc.
  • Design queries to reveal information about your segments, campaigns, and so on
  • Slice and dice data using queries and quick reports
  • Open query results directly in Microsoft Excel for additional manipulation

And handling the acceptance of various types of donations, fees, and grants is easily handled:

process and report on any type of donation

  • Process payroll deductions and other recurring gifts; in-kind, matching, anonymous donations, credit card payments; pledges and memberships
  • Define and use spreadsheet-like batch entry to fly though donation entry
  • Link directly to your online donation site
  • Validate and process credit card transactions online
  • Automatically transfer online donations into a gift batch in ResultsPlus—reducing data entry time and errors
  • Import and export text files and spreadsheets


  • Enter in user-definable fields, using batch processing where appropriate
  • Attach gifts to individuals (for separate giving histories) or to households and corporations (for combined histories)
  • Allocate to separate funds, campaigns, and appeals
  • Associate with one or more tributes, memorial or honorary
  • Assign solicitors to records 
  • Ensure totals balance before posting using our built-in batch calculator and audit functions
  • Protect from editing gifts after posting


  • Record and track proposal dates, guidelines, documents and correspondence
  • Use free-flowing notepad for additional detail
  • Grant deadlines appear as tasks on your Daily Planner


  • Enter detailed pledge information in user-definable fields
  • Standard and user-defined payment schedules
  • Attach pledges to all types of constituent’s individuals, corporations, etc.
  • Allocate to separate funds, campaigns and appeals
  • Associate with solicitors
  • Match pledges (match rate and match party are entered in the original pledge)
  • Write-off a pledge balance, and record supporting details
  • “Pledge Reminders Due” appears automatically in Daily Planner


  • Synchronize with and send donation records directly to QuickBooks® Pro*
  • Export or import gift data directly to Microsoft Excel or to a text file for use by your accounting software
  • Define a template for your accounting department’s General Ledger and include G/L codes in reports
  • Use custom integration utilities to perform a series of business rules to get data ready for sending to accounting*

* Indicates optional add-on feature or module

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Track financial performance
by individual, group and source.